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Navigating the Waters of Irvine Youth Baseball

Irvine, CA has many youth baseball teams. If you are asking yourself, “Which Irvine youth baseball team is best for my kid?”, then you have come to the right place to find your answer! Use this as a guide to selecting the right Irvine youth baseball team for your future star.

Irvine Ranch Little League and Northwood Little League are great choices for players who are looking to learn about the game in a friendly environment. Coaches teach that winning isn’t everything and focus more on teamwork and integrity. Kids ages 3.5 – 14 years old can play Little League Baseball. Click the links above to learn more about registration and tryouts.

A more competitive option is Irvine Pony. Irvine Pony encourages an advanced form of baseball at an earlier age. Kids ages 3 – 14 years old can play Irvine Pony Baseball. Learn more about registration and tryouts.

The final and increasingly popular option is to play on a travel baseball team. Irvine travel baseball teams hire professional coaches and compete at a high level all year round. Travel ball teams are for players who are serious about advancing their baseball careers and for parents who are willing to keep up with their schedule! Ages range from 9 – 14 years old. Players must tryout to make the team. Below is a list of the Irvine travel ball teams. Go to each of their websites to learn more about upcoming tryouts, coaching staffs and schedules.

By now you’ve probably figured out that Irvine, CA is serious about their youth baseball! Each field is in great condition, the weather is perfect all year and there’s a plethora of former college and professional baseball players to coach the kids. Irvine offers a wide ranges of leagues, so your kid can enjoy the game at their own pace.

If your kid needs help learning the game, improving their game or simply needs extra practice, I’m available to work on all aspects of their game. Please take a moment to read testimonials from parents and former students. I welcome the opportunity to teach your kid the greatest game on dirt! You can contact me at elinck@eberlecompany.com or (949) 572-3638.

Ed Linck, Baseball Instructor

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